Arduino Lightsaber


Key Goals

  1. Make a Lightsaber that is relatively easy to wield.
  2. Have it make sounds on ignite/extuinguish/general use.
  3. Have the colour be customisable on the fly.

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Lego Raspberry Pirate Skull Hexapod


Yo Ho Ho.

First off thanks to ModMyPi for supplying the parts for this project!

And thanks to the person on the Twitter handle for helping with the name of the project!

As for the reasons behind the project + overall design:

  • Robots
  • Lego
  • Pirates

You can also catch this over on my Hackster profile.

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Fingerprint ID Nerf Gun


A big thanks.

First up the parts for this project were supplied by DFRobot! They contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I had any ideas for a project and I thought a cool one to do would be a Biometric fingerprint ID locking Nerf Gun; inspired by the gun in Skyfall.

So thank you DFRobot! Make sure you check them out for your project needs.

You can also check this out at my Hackster page.

Key Goals.

  1. Have a Nerf Gun that will only fire when my thumb is placed on the scanner.
  2. Ensure that when my thumb is not on the scanner/someone else tries, it will not fire.

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Gravity Gun

Yes, this all looks nominal.

Rise and shine, Mister Freeman. Rise and… shine.

I love Half Life and I’ve always wanted to make a Gravity Gun, but there wasn’t really a way I could think of making one, short of working for DARPA or something – then the other month I saw this video.

And I was like “Fascinating! I never suspected such things could be.” and imagined strapping the levitation unit onto the front of an orange Nerf Gun.

So that’s what I did.

You can also check this out over at my Hackster profile.

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Pi-ron Man

I’m such a nerd

First things.

The parts for this project were supplied by ModMyPi – so a massive thank you to them! I recommend their site for getting parts for your project, be it Arduino, Raspberry Pi or pretty much anything else you can think of; they always dispatch items quickly and with my stuff I even got a bag of Haribo – which is awesome. Hopefully this is the beginning of a great partnership.

You can also catch this project over at Hackster

Key Goals.

  • Make something able to display environmental information to a user (like a HUD).
  • Make it wearable.
  • Become Iron Man.

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Pi Badge


Key Goals:

  • Make a wearable device that vaguely resembles a Combadge from Star Trek
  • Make it be able to respond to voice commands and perform actions – such as turn on a PC
  • Ensure that additional functionality can be added via drag and dropping in Python modules
‘He can’t get to the Raspberry Pi, so he’s trying to make the Raspberry Pi come to him.’

You can also catch this project on my Hackster profile.

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Artificial Life Project



For a while now I have been thinking about using a Raspberry Pi with some sort of visual indicator as a form of artificial life simulator, I wanted to create something that would be able to spawn a number of entities that would have random properties and be able to move around and interact with each other, forming a sort of virtual ecosystem; and then experiment with it to see what happens.

You can also check this project out on my Hackster Profile

So the other week I fired up a Raspberry Pi and began to work on a program with the following goals in mind:

  • Create a number of artificial lifeforms that can move around a board and have colour/movement properties assigned to them via 3 random numbers; the ‘DNA’ of the life-form – and display them onto an easy-to-observe output.
  • Have those artificial lifeforms be able to interact with each other to ‘breed’ and pass along their traits to offspring, as well as ‘kill’ each other to keep the population in check.
  • Have random chance for ‘genetic chaos’ whereby instead of passing along a life-form’s properties to its offspring a random number is inserted into the offspring’s ‘DNA’.
  • BONUS – plug the code into the Minecraft API and see what random patterns of blocks can be spawned from the artificial life-form’s movements and properties.

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Nerf Gun Ammo Counter / Range Finder

Oh yeah.


Because ammo counters are cool and range finders are also pretty cool and Nerf is cool – mix them together and its ice cold.

I had the idea for this a while back but have only now just decided to build, with the release of the awesome Rainbow Hat from Pimoroni.

This would give me the display needed for the range in CM and a clear display for the ammo counter itself.

You can also check this project out on Hackster.

Key Goals.

  1. Make a device that can measure distance from the barrel of a Nerf gun.
  2. That can also count down remaining ammo in a clear way.
  3. Make it modular.

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