Chatbot 8


Time to talk.

I thought I should give this it’s own specific post – this is the chatbot that I’ve used in my Raspbinator and Nvidinator projects. The GitHub linked below will be updated over time as I make improvements to it.

I’ve decided on the name Chatbot 8 – as before I used GitHub I had it on my Google Drive and each iteration I increased the number; the first one I was happy to use in the Raspbinator was iteration 8 and now, the name has kind of stuck.

Key Goals:

  1. To make a bot that can respond to human input, learn and return more organic responses over time.
  2. To be able to be trained from large text files such as scripts for movies and transcripts of conversations.
  3. Have it able to be integrated easily into other projects.

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The Nvidianator

Skynet fights back.

In January 2018 I finished a project I had been working on for quite some time – The Raspbinator; I was very happy with it and it got some good attention. But there were some bugs and limitations to it and I already ideas for the next one.

Early in 2019 the Nvidia Jetson Nano was released and it had great capability for running machine learning; I thought this would be perfect for the next version of my project and a great opportunity to get into ML/Neural Nets.

Also, with Terminator: Dark Fate coming out this year – what better time!

So I pre-ordered the Jetson Nano, it was delivered on release and after many months of working and learning; The Nvidianator is finally ready.

Lets dive in to the build and code…

Mission Parameters:

  1. Improve upon The Raspbinator and fix bugs.
  2. Use more advanced technology for image recognition and learning.
  3. Improve the aesthetics.

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