Upcoming project.

I see all.

Key Goals.

  1. Have a robotic skull that is able to move its ‘eye’
  2. Have it recognise / record faces and assign them to people
  3. Be able to recognise speech and talk back

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Windows 98 Wrist Watch

OK. Wow.

First off, thank you!

I didn’t think this project would get much attention but its gone crazy!

Thought I’d make a little follow up video to show where I work, ‘my lab’, and a teaser of upcoming projects – enjoy.

There is now a more detailed guide to building your own Windows 98 Wrist Watch over at Hackster.io!

Also Check out my upcoming project – Robo Skull!



Why not?

Key goals summary:

  1. Emulate Windows 98 on a Raspberry Pi.
  2. Make it wrist-wearable.

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